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What We Do

Twa Dugs Design is modelmaking business based in Ayr, Scotland who specialise in the manufacture of architectural models but also offer a wide range of other model making services including exhibition, display, product, industrial & topographical.

Our models are used for marketing and promotional purposes as well as providing excellent visualisation tools for the various stages of the planning and building design process giving the client an instant understanding of a proposed design prior to construction.


Commitment to Quality

Building on several years experience,  Twa Dugs Design combines modelmaking expertise with the commitment to deliver custom solutions designed and built to satisfy our client's individual specifications.  Having completed many projects, two things become very prominent when working on any model and they are timekeeping and communication.  Both are essential for the successful completion of any job.  The client is just as much a part of this process as we are and we feel it is important to keep our clients as informed and involved as they wish, ensuring their model’s progress is monitored throughout and any tweaks, changes or alterations can be implemented during construction.

Workshop and Capability

We operate from a 1000 sq/ft premises consisting of a large workshop / assembly area and dedicated office space.   Our well equipped workshop  contains all of the necessary equipment & machinery required for model production and in addition to this we have laser a cutter/engraver, CNC router & 3D printers enabling us to undertake these operations in-house.

Utilising the latest versions of AutoCAD LT & Sketchup Studio,  we can work directly from your digital drawings & digital 3D models. 

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